Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heat Damage!!!

For those naturals who like to press their hair every once in a while (including myself)....brace yourself....heat damage is REAL!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Of course I've always known this, but I have never actually seen the damage in the flesh, that is until last week. SHORT STORY: My sister in law to be wears her hair natural but she's still in transition and currently wears a partial weave while it grows out. The natural hair that she leaves out to cover the extension wefts, she presses and flat-irons daily. We washed it not too long ago and to my SURPRISE, HER HAIR DIDNT REVERT BACK!!!! "OMG, YOUR HAIR IS STRAIGHT!", I said. No curls poppin anywhere. However, a couple of protein treatments and washes later, the curls began to form...whew!

Okay, so after my mini panic attack, I came up with a plan of action or tips (if you will) to prevent this from happening again. PLEASE READ so this doesn't happen to you my friends.

This is your healthy hair cuticle.

This is your hair's cuticle layer on drugs...(i.e. heat damage)
SO, what is the cuticle and why do we care about it? The cuticle layer is the outermost layer of the hair that serves as a protective barrier against the innermost layers (i.e. the cortex and the medulla). The cuticle, when healthy, will emit shine and will allow the hair to feel soft and bounce freely. When damaged, the hair will tangle and break easily and appear very dull.
The blowdryer

The Flat iron

The pressing comb

-Use a heat protectant cream: This is a must. If you insist on pressing/flat ironing those curlies straight, you have to protect them. Use a serum like Mizani's ThermaSmooththat smoothes and protects the cuticle layer in your hair, which helps prevent thermal damage. One of the active ingredients in this heat protectant serum is Coconut oil (which I LOVE), which serves to "infuse moisture into each strand and help guard against breakage from mechanical damage resulting from hair straightening" so look out for that ingredient in your bottles!
Glycerin is another great ingredient because it is a humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture in the hair!
-Alcohols are a no-no: Don't use products with alcohols as they will strip your hair. There are good moisturizing alcohols like Cetyl Alcohol and ceatearyl alchol that actually help maintain moisture in the hair.

I haven't found a highly natural alternative to these creams yet, but I'm working on one so stay tuned.
-Don't heat style everyday. Constant heat breaks down the cuticle layer in the hair causing major breakage and overall damage. To maintain your straight style for the next day, wrap your hair in a silk scarf over night.
-USE PROTEIN TREATMENTS. Protein treatments will rebuild your hair's structure and prevent it from breaking. Many people swear by Aphogee, but judging by the ingredients, I just can't recommend it. Lookout for products that contain hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed oat protein or silk amino acids. For many, protein can make add sheen to the hair since it helps rebuild the hair's structure and smooth the cuticle layer. There are many warnings out there about using too much protein as it can make the hair hard for those who have a "sensitivity" to protein. Simply use a moisturizer after doing a protein treatment if your hair feels hard as a result.
-JUST DON'T DO IT- The reality is, we don't NEED to wear our hair straight. We can rock it curly because hey, that's how God made it. BUT, the straight look can be so much fun sometimes, so I know this probably is unrealistic for some, including myself. What can I say, I like options. I have to admit, my natural curls are so much more fun!

Stay tuned for more great tips next week! Hope this helps.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm back and with my second Big CHOP!

I know I have been MIA for a minute...But I'm back and with a new cut. I got bored with my hair over the past few months and plus I still had some color in my hair that I NEEDED to get rid of DESPERATELY. I still have some color left, but most of it has been CHOPPED OFF!!!

The verdict: Well, at first, I wanted to cry! My hair was literally to the middle of my back (well, when you stretch it out) and now I can barely put it in a ponytail. Considering that it took almost four years to get to this length, it was pretty devastating to see all that hard work laid out on my bathroom floor. But now...I love it! Its too cute. At the end of the day, I realize that its just hair and because its even healthier, it will certainly grow back! (Now I need to figure out what I'm going to do for my Jamaica Wedding...that heat and humidity will instantly turn my hair into a helmet and a I barely have enough hair for a braided updo). Anywho, pictures will soon come so stay tuned. I also plan to work on all my various Youtube "How to videos" over the holidays for all you hair junkies out there who just can't get enough of these hair tutorials.

I've also been working on some new products (some old ones have been reformulated or enhanced) so please check them out at The sampler pack is in stock now so you can try it before you buy it!

Look out for more posts as I am now back to my regularly scheduled program! Thanks for following and if you are a newbie...welcome!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natural Brides to Be: More Glam Styles to choose

Okay, I have only 7 more months until my wedding. Planning is getting tight! I barely have anything accomplished other than my dress and honeymoon plans. Helloooo, I haven't even paid for the actual wedding yet, but got the honeymoon down? Anyway, one thing that is still bugging me is MY HAIR!!! What am I gon' do? I have had so many ideas. I want to cut it all off and go Eva Pigford short because I have fallen in love with birdcage veils and they look excellent on short hair! However, my hair is so long now. It took me four years to grow it down to the middle of my back. I would hate to cut it all off and start over. Oh the I cut it and rock the Eva Pigford short, curly funky look, or do I keep it long and rock a nice twist-out with a curl updo (pictured above) and a flower in my hair (the two styles I've been going back and forth with)?

Eva Pigford short hair look

On my never ending quest to find a new look, I stumble across some very nice styles that I am definitely considering and I just HAVE to share this with my fellow naturally curly/kinky brides to be. Please, please, please if you have any more pics you would like to add, don't hesitate to send them to me, I'd love to post what I can. Trust me, there will me many more posts like this!

Flexi-rod set
We've covered this style a million times. Pictorial will come soon!

Denise Vasi-model- slick back with pin curl/twist combo
I haven't totally figured this one out yet, but can we pause for a moment and celebrate because THIS MIGHT BE THE WINNER!!! That would be fantastic because I don't have to cut my lovely hair. Chick is fabulous and this hairstyle is too. I think Denise is going to be my feature natural beauty of the week....:-)

Locked Diva Bride
For all my locked divas this one is for you! My mother wears locs and I am definitely doing her hair like this for the wedding!

Twisted Ringlets
This can be achieved with a twist-out and curl or a flat-twist-out. This is yet another candidate for the wedding! Stronly considering this style. Tutorials will soon come!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sisterlocks: A Natural Lifestyle

For those who haven't a clue about Sisterlocks, let me give you a little description (from

"Sisterlocks are tiny uniform locs that are the result of a precision parting grid, and the use of a specialized tool that places the hair into its locing formation. The Sisterlocks method does not require the use of waxes or jells. The small size and parting grid form a loc that is easily

The system was created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell (pictured above). I LOVE her hair! Fabulous!

Sounds interesting right? Looks pretty enticing too! As you can see from the picture, this style allows you to create many unique styles as the locs are so small that they mimick free-flowing strands of hair. For busy women like me, this could be a miracle! My curiosity is continuing to rise! I'm one of those girls who likes to do everything for myself, if I can help it. I became instantly interested in learning the technique and typed on over to the Sisterlocks website to learn more. They provide training classes, which are approximately $1500....yikes! Not in my budget at the moment, but a definite candidate for the near future.

As a natural hair stylist, I've obviously heard of Sisterlocks. I guess since I've been sort of stuck in my own ways of doing things, I've only peeked into the idea of adding Sisterlocks as a service. The thought of individually crocheting small strands of hair together to form tiny locks all over the heads screams "MICRO BRAIDS" which I sincerely HATE doing with a passion! After checking out the Tomoka's Twist blog (by Carmen) yesterday, I've gotten a little more curious about how to do them (she does Sisterlocks in Atlanta and they look pretty cool).

Here are some interesting FAQs that will make a sista think before making the sisterlock commitment (from the

How long does my hair need to be to start Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks can be started with 1 1/2 inches of natural unprocessed hair.
Where shorter hair can be caught in a locing pattern, 1 1/2 inches will ensure the first stages of locing will be easier to manage during your home care.

Do I need to cut my relaxed hair?
No, you don't have to cut your hair. Sisterlocks can be started with your
relaxed length left untouched as long as you have 1 1/2 inches of natural hair at the root. As your hair grows, and is set into a loc pattern, your relaxed hair will be trimmed away.

How long will it take to start my Sisterlocks?
In an idea situation, your "Initial Locking Session" will take about 13
hours. Your hair length, density, and head size determine the actual amont of time it will take to start your Sisterlocks. A better time frame will be given at your consultation.

Is my hair type right for Sisterlocks?
All hair with a curl or wave pattern is the right type for Sisterlocks.
Sisterlocks has developed several "locking patterns", one of which is just right for your hair type.

Are Sisterlocks permanent?
During the first 6 months of development, Sisterlocks can be removed.
Removal will likely take more time, and be more costly than your Initial Locking Session. Most Consultants will not loc your hair if removal is a great concern. You should be sure that the Sisterlocks method is right for you

Sounds even more tempting right? Everything accept for the part about them being ((((GASP))))...PERMANENT excite me! I am just too indecisive about my hair and I have SERIOUS commitment issues when it comes to my hairstyles, that permanence makes me RUUUUUUUn for the border. Besides, I love my curly q's too much to lock them up permanently.

"The company motto says it all: 'Sisterlocks is not about a hairstyle, it’s about a lifestyle.' "
Sooo, ladies (and gents) if you are interested in learning the technique or getting them done by a certified Sister Loctician, check out the official website for more info.

Just wanted to share. Ciao.
p.s. I know I know, I was supposed to upload my Twist out video tutorial, but I haven't had the time. I am making a commitment to get it done this weekend. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rock your natural in the Workplace!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable rocking the natural look at work? Are you rocking blowouts during the week while rocking twists on the weekends for fear of not blending in at the workplace? I've been there. I hated the redundancy of my colleagues' questions like, "How did you get your hair like that?" or the comment, "You always have such crazy hair." I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or a diss. Yet, people fear what they don't understand. Thus, instead of hiding behind my hair in a straight facade, I decided to embrace this head of mine and rock it with confidence at work. When people ask questions that are deemed silly, just answer the question with confidence. Allow them the opportunity to "understand" so they won't fear your hair; instead they will accept and many times will even embrace your look. No biggie. Your colleagues and bosses at work will embrace your hair if you do. They won't have a choice :)!

Here are some looks that work in the workplace:

The Modern Puff
Created by curling the hair on a curling iron, then pinning the curls and slicking down the front with a headband

Locked Corporate Diva
Created by rolling hair on rollers while wet and setting the hair until dry

Flexi Sexi (created by using the Flexi rod set)

Pin Curled Diva

(created by using pin curls)

The original Puff

These styles were all taken from (accept for the bottom pic). Visit Essence for more great styles in their hair gallery!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beauty of the day: Gelila Bekele

Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele and rumored girlfriend of Tyler Pyler (giving the "YBF's *side eye* on that rumor) is absolutely gorgeous! I love beautiful, thick, curly manes! She's fierce and of course we love her because she rocks her natural without shame.

Hair by Nedjetti Salon
Bloomfield, NJ

Give it up for Miss Bekele ladies and gents!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Product Spotlight: Ultimate Detangler

Some of you have tried my products and have given good feedback (as well as some constructive criticism) and I THANK YOU! But I'd love more feedback from more of you.

Today's feature product is the NEW and IMPROVED Ultimate Detangler (keep reading there are FREE goodies ahead)!

Tired of fighting with tangles and knots? Well, this is the solution to tangle-free hair! The nourishing and detangling properties of slippery elm and aloe will allow you to detangle your hair effortlessly, making styling much easier.

What makes this product great:
  • You can use it on wet or dry hair
  • Very Moisturizing
  • Dries Fast- a must, especially for the colder seasons
  • Thicker, creamier solution (the former Ultimate Detangler was little runny) that provides GREAT SLIP and EASE.
  • Works great with other curl enhancing creams, such as CoCo Curly Butter,when styling and enhancing your curls.

To celebrate the new and improved product, everyone will receive 15% off when you purchase the Ultimate Detangler now until Friday!!!

So if you haven't tried it (or you wanna try it again) now is an even better chance. I'll also throw in a FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE OF YOUR CHOICE! Just add the product sample of choice in the "notes" section at checkout.

Oh and you do NOT need a paypal account to purchase products. We use paypal as our merchant and paypal allows you to purchase without opening up an account. Just follow the link.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Accessory Spotlight: Headbands

It was spring and summer's hottest hair accessory, but we don't have to let the love stop there. Headbands and hairties are stylish accessories that can do everything from keeping your head warm to hiding hair "imperfections"! When you have a limited amount of time in your schedule, headbands can be a lifesaver (they are indeed mine). Some of my BEST hair days have been accomplished from trusty head bands. BUT...


DON'T Wear them daily. Why? Because headbands will pull your hair tight and can cause breakage over time.

DON'T Tie them too tight- well, for the same reason as rule #1.

DO spice them up- That is, get some in various colors and/or designs like the specialty headbands/hair ties by Tomoka's Twists (pictured above). I've heard good reviews and they look great.

DO wear ouchless headbands such as these ouchless headbands made by Goody. They contain no metal clasps and are great for creating styles without pulling and snugging the hair.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you ready for the Big Chop?

Calling all transitioners! There's comes a point in time where your natural hair and your permed ends will battle. Your hair will start to tangle and knot, and sadly your hair also is at risk for major breakage, marking a pinnacle moment in your transitioning period. What should you do? CUT IT OFF! Yeah, I said it. When two completely different hair textures (i.e. straight vs curly) are battling on one head, this is a sign that the you need chop those permed straight ends off and let the natural hair flow. This process is better known as the Big Chop.

Some of us haven't a clue about how to cut your natural hair properly. No need to do the big chop yourself. I have compiled a list of the top natural hair salons in major cities across the nation to help you find your natural hair haven. I hear these places are simply fantastic in they specialize in naturally curly kinky and wavy hair. Check them out!

New York City


Miss Jessies Salon

Washington DC

Honey Styling Salon

Cornrows and Co.

North Carolina




Too Groovy Salon and Spa


Uncle Funky's Daughter


Honey Child Salon and Spa

Los Angeles

Oh! My Nappy Hair Salon


Bamboo Hair Studio

Feel free to make suggestions as I would love to add more cities and more salons to the list!

Spotlight on

Check out the article on Donna Marie Products in the "spotlight" section on this month!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock your 'Fro

We curlies tend to focus so much on DEFINING OUR CURLS but have you ever considered going cold turkey? What I mean is have you ever considered rocking your natural glory without using any curl defining products on your hair? I found this photo on and was inspired. Why do we tend to still try to "tame" our hair? I'm guilty as charged because for so long I was determined to maintain the curl that I got while my hair was wet. I even created my own product line through my experimentation with ingredients that helped define and enhance my curl. Although I love my curly hair and love when my curls pop, I am really feeling the natural, straight out the shower, afropicked, natural glory that reigns high on my head.

Rocking your 'fro shouldn't have to be a bold statement as many may suggest. Your 'fro is a natural and unique part of you and you should be able to rock it cold turkey if you want to like these bad a$$ chicks above!

Just thought I'd share in case you needed some motivation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HONEY: A must have for curly hair!

Honey is more than just a fabulous, natural sweetener. Honey has been the secret key ingredient in beauty and hair since ancient times (e.g. African queen Cleopatra's famous "milk and honey" bath recipe). Today, the uses for honey are very popular in many natural hair care products for various exciting reasons. Honey can benefit naturally curly, kinky and wavy hair because it contains so many fabulous properties including:

-natural humectant properties: helps attract and retain moisture (remember curlies need moisture the most) and also conditions the hair leaving it soft and shiny

-anti-irritant properties: great for sensitive scalp and skin and safe for babies

-contains no additives or preservatives: has a long shelf life

-smells delicious

You can add honey to your conditioners, gels, detanglers, shampoos and other water based products for added moisture and shine to your hair.

So you wanna get some honey and add it your fave hair products? Start expirimenting today. Check out this site for ingredients for your natural hair needs if you feel like channeling the inner mixtress in you!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hair Idol: Lauryn Hill

Okay, I know I'm extra late with this, but the old Lauryn Hill images are timeless and flawless. Chick was beyond fabulous and she rocked the cutest hairstyles. Her locks were amazing even if they were speculated to be lock extensions. Nothing wrong with extensions especially when they are used to embrace the natural look.

Lboogie is the business and one of my favorite hair idols of all time. Sigh...I miss Lauryn Hill.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Natural Brides to Be!

I am a "soon to be Mrs." natural kinky curly bride and let me tell you, I have struggled with ideas for how I am going to wear my hair. I'm getting married on an island in the summer so you know the humidity is going to be insane. Humidity= frizz for me so I have been researching hairstyles like a madwoman. I stumbled across and the styles they displayed in their bridal section gave me some needed motivation.

This particular model is rocking a twistout and its simply fabulous and so easy to do. All you need to do is create two-strand twists all over the head (make sure to use a product with great moisturizing and holding properties like my Lock and Twist Pudding) and let the hair dry. Once dry, unravel your twists and style you hair as desired.
This look is perfect!

To view more styles, visit, they have a wonderful style gallery featuring unique natural hair styles.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Natural Beauty of the day: YaYa Dacosta

Ya'll remember YaYa right? She was an ANTM (America's Next Top Model) contestant that did not win. Although she didn't win, she has been in more movies, commercials than the other contestants and she even starred in a Daytime Soap (All My Children). She's fabulous because she still RoCkS her natural and hasn't let the industry change her image and she is gorgeous. Gotta love her! Go Yaya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Curls! How to care for your little one's natural curls.

Caring for your little girl's naturally curly, kinky, and wavy hair can be an easy task once you get the hang of it. Here are some tips to help you:

1- Leave the chemicals alone. Parents sometimes want to take the easy road to hair care for their child by perming or relaxing the hair in hopes of making the hair more manageable and easy to style. Just say no! Chemicals alter the texture of the hair and threaten the overall health of your baby's curly mane.

2- Detangle! Instead of reaching for the nearest "Just for me" perm kit to ease styling, try detangling the hair first. There are some great styling aids to help with detangling such as Donna Marie's Ultimate Detangler, which are safe and easy to use. Simply spray or pour the detangler on the hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb.

3- Use products that are natural- Your little girl's hair is healthy and beautiful! Lets keep it that way. Try to stay away from products that use harsh synthetics and ingredients that don't promote hair growth. Rather, use products with ingredients aimed to protect and enhance the health of the hair.

4. Use gentle barretts and ponytail holder- Stay away from rubberbands when styling the hair as they pull the hair too tight and cause breakage. Instead, use soft hair ties or "ouchless" rubberbands (they sell these at CVS, Duane Reed Etc.).

5. Don't braid, twist or cornrow too tight-Tight braids, twists and cornrows can lead to breakage and many little curlies are extra tender in the scalp. Use gentle braiding techniques to ensure the longevity of the style and to ensure the overall health of the hair.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want that look: Featuring Jill Scott

Most of you that have visited this site are either natural, thinking about going natural or simply looking for alternative 'dos. Sometimes, we need a little added courage juice to make us take the natural plunge. So, I'm going to start featuring celebrity naturals to give you undecided chicas that extra juice you need to RoCk YoUr NaTuRaL!!!

Jill Scott is my staple natural celebrity idol right now. I absolutely love the variety of styles she represents with no apologies.

You want this look?
Try doing a twist out. Simply style you hair using the double strand twist method (as shown below) using styling aids such as Lock and Twist Pudding and let your hair dry. Once the hair is dry, undo your twists for a beautiful twist out! Then style to your desire.

Check out this double strand twist tutorial to help you with your styling needs. P.S. My Youtube's coming soon you guys, stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to use FLEXI RODS

Thanks to a previous reader's request, I am going to show you how to achieve the curly look using Flexi rods in detail!!!!! Yey!

The model below has 3c/4a kinky curly hair. Flexirods work on any hair type. Just make sure you use product on the hair as it helps give the curls shape, shine and hold. You can make small parts or bigger parts in the hair (the smaller the part the more curls you will have).

Okay, so here it goes: After applying setting lotion or Curl Enhancing cream such as CoCo Curly Butter to your soaking wet hair, follow these steps....

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Guide to Optimal Hair Growth: Tip 5

Tip 5: Style your hair with ease.

Use a wide-tooth comb and a boar bristle brush to avoid hair breakage. Boar bristle brushes are great at evenly distributing the natural oils from the scalp to the hair strands and wide-tooth combs removes tangles with ease. Placing less stress on the hair minimizes hair damage and optimizes hair growth. Also, trimming your ends every six to eight weeks minimizes split ends, which helps the hair grow.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I love locs! If I just had a little more patience and less "hair commitment" issues, I would have locs just like these! Maybe one day...but I digress...

Locks are a wonderful way to ROCK the NATURAL because there is so much you can do with your locs. You can CURL THEM, BUN it up, CUT THEM in layers, add some COLOR, and so much more. As a loctician, I am dying to share some great tips as well as the dos and dont's of locs.

Here are my tips on making your locs simply FABULOUS!

1. Start your locs with single strand twists (coils)- Why? Because your natural hair grows in a spiral pattern just like the shape of single strand twists/coils and your locks will take form much faster this way. Yes I know you can start them other ways, but to me this is the fastest!

2. Maintain your locs and get them tightened every 2-3 weeks. Very important part of keeping your locs fresh and well groomed. Make a visit to your local Natural Hair Salon or do them yourself.

3. Use natural products that provide hold and shine without the crunch. Using natural creams and butters as opposed to hard gels maintain the health of your locs and add softness. Try my
Lock and Twist Pudding to get butter soft locs with a gentle hold!

4. Trim your ends! Just like unlocked hair, you should get your ends trimmed, though not as often. In this case, trimming loose ends and straggling hair is part of routine maintenance that should be done to keep your locks kempt.
5. Keep your locs moisturized. Use a good moisturizer or use a natural oil. Check out Donna Marie's Goddess Growth Remedy daily oil to keep your locks looking fresh.
6. Love your locs and let them grow! Enough said.
Stay tuned for more locked styling options! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rock the Curly Look with a Bantu Knot-out!

Good Morning all! You tube is so resourceful! I found this incredible video of a woman doing a "bantu-knot-out" to achieve a bouncy, curly look. It consists of first doing Bantu Knots and then unraveling them when dry. I'm sure many of you are like "Huh", so without further ado, I present to you (courtesy of Youtube)....the BANTU-KNOT OUT!

Video 1-shows you how to do the Bantu Knots.

Video 2- shows you how to achieve the curly look by removing the bantu knots

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guide to Optimal Hair Growth Tip 4!

Tip 4: Avoid constant heat. Heating tools such as blow dryers and flat irons place major stress on the hair and increase the chance of hair breakage. For naturally curly hair, air drying is always best. However, if you must use a blow dryer, use a diffuser attachment that minimizes heat and maintains curl definition. If you intend to straighten your hair with a flat iron, use a ceramic flat iron that prevents breakage and greatly reduces damage.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Transition from Perm to Natural?

Everybody is rocking their natural and its a beautiful thing! However, so many of us are afraid to make the transition because we just don't know how. Here are some tips that helped me make the switch from the "creamy crack" perms to natural headed bliss:

1. NO MORE PERMS! The obvious first step to making the transition is to resist the box. Ya'll know what box I'm talking about (i.e. "Just For Me", "African Pride" and such. Oh and No sista, you cannot put some perm on your edges to make your edges lay down! Relaxers are chemicals that change the natural state of your hair. When your natural hair is altered, there is a StRoNg chance your hair will be damaged at some point. Just say no.

2. Wear styles that allow you to leave your hair alone and let your natural hair simply grow out. For example, when I transitioned from a perm to a relaxer about 3 years ago, I wore weaves. I wore a full head weave or a full partial weave (meaning a small amount of my natural hair was left out to conceal the extension wefts). I would leave the weave in for about 2 months, take it out wash and deep condition my hair (this is essential), trim the ends of my hair (i.e. trim the perm ends off), and reinstall my weave about 2 weeks later. I repeated this cycle until my hair grew down past my shoulders (I'll elaborate on weaves later in another post). I also wore braids and that is another great way to let your hair relax for a while (make sure your stylist braids gently. Very tight braids will pull out you hair and we don't want that.)

3. Research Natural Hair styles. In order to feel confident about rocking your natural, it helps to see others rocking hot natural styles. Check out Essence Magazine's hair gallery or Khamit Kinks salon gallery. There are wonderful, unique images of various natural styles that are glamorous, sexy, high fashion, corporate and fun and these styles will help you figure what looks great on you.

4. Find a Natural Salon in your area. ESSENTIAL!! If you do not know how to do your own hair, its essential to locate a salon in your area that SPECIALIZES IN NATURAL HAIR. If your stylist specializes in perms and color, she may not be as knowledgeable about Natural Hair styling. There are so many great Natural Hair Salons sprouting all over the country and they are wonderful at encouraging you to stay natural throughout your transitioning process and beyond! (For those in the Washington, DC area, message me for private home salon appointments).

5. Find products made specifically for Natural Hair. If you've discovered this blog, chances are you have aready covered this tip! There are so many great product lines for natural hair and the list continues to grow. Products made for natural hair usually focus on accentuating your natural curl pattern, moisturizing your hair using creams or oils and more. Check out my products, Donna Marie Handmade for quality natural products for natural hair!

6. Love your hair! This is also essential. You have to absolutely love your natural hair regardless of the negativity and backlash you may receive from rocking your hair in its natural glory. People are going to say things that will hurt you, for e.g. "When are you gonna do something to your head?" or "Girl, your hair looks a hot a$$ mess!" or "I love your hair when its straight." When you hear the negativity, block it out. Trust me, there were many days when I made guilt trips to the Beauty Supply in an attempt to buy a Mizani relaxer. I had to tell myself "DON'T DO IT GIRL, DON'T DO IT!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guide to Optimal Hair Growth- Tip of the Day

Tip 3: Eat right. Our mothers always told us “Eat your vegetables” for a very good reason. Eating more vegetables and fruit, drinking water, increasing protein, taking vitamins, and exercise will improve your health internally and provide nourishment to the hair root, maximizing hair growth. Stay away from foods that are pumped with hormones and synthetic fillers. Stick to organic meats or go vegetarian!

Vitamins that promote hair growth:
B-6-gives hair color (melanin) and helps combat hair loss- found in whole grain cereal and veggies
Biotin-found in eggs, rice and milk
B-3- promotes scap circulation-found in meats, poultry and fish
Vitamin C- fights off free radicals that attack the skin and hair-found in fruits and veggies
Vitamin A-helps produce natural oil found in hair called sebum- found in Fish liver oil, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, apricots and peaches

For more information on Vitamins that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth click here

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Can't decide how to wear your hair tonight? Well, make it a Curls Night Out and rock your naturally curly 'do. There are so many ways to Rock it. Here are some quick and easy styles for natural girls on-the-go:

The Coil Cascade
I styled this model (featured in Essence Magazine, July issue)by defining her curls with a little dab of my CoCo Curly Butter and pinned up her curls in a cascading mohawk style.

What you'll need:

1. Bobby Pins- to hold hair in place as shown.

2.Curl enhancing cream- Apply to wet or dry curls to define and make them stand out. Try my Coco Curly Butter curl enhancing cream for a smooth bouncy finish.

Fancy Free Fro

If you're off today like me, you may have some extra time on your hands to achieve this spicy look for a fun filled Curls Night out!

What you'll need:

1. Curl enhancing cream. Try my Coco CurlyButter for a smooth bouncy finish.

2. Flexirods (size of your choice...the smaller they, the more curls you'll have. Wrap your wet hair around the flexi-rods. Fold the flex-rods to keep them secure.

3. Dryer- Sit under to let your hair dry. Don't take your flexi-rods out until your hair dries completely :) Once dry, remove them and apply a moisturizer to make your hair shine and bounce. Try my Spiral Smoothie for added moisture.