Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want that look: Featuring Jill Scott

Most of you that have visited this site are either natural, thinking about going natural or simply looking for alternative 'dos. Sometimes, we need a little added courage juice to make us take the natural plunge. So, I'm going to start featuring celebrity naturals to give you undecided chicas that extra juice you need to RoCk YoUr NaTuRaL!!!

Jill Scott is my staple natural celebrity idol right now. I absolutely love the variety of styles she represents with no apologies.

You want this look?
Try doing a twist out. Simply style you hair using the double strand twist method (as shown below) using styling aids such as Lock and Twist Pudding and let your hair dry. Once the hair is dry, undo your twists for a beautiful twist out! Then style to your desire.

Check out this double strand twist tutorial to help you with your styling needs. P.S. My Youtube's coming soon you guys, stay tuned!!

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Rhonda said...

Great tips and you explained it very well. I've been reading a lot about
Carol's daughter products but you are the first to make a comment on the ones that I've been wanting to order. Thank you!!