Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock your 'Fro

We curlies tend to focus so much on DEFINING OUR CURLS but have you ever considered going cold turkey? What I mean is have you ever considered rocking your natural glory without using any curl defining products on your hair? I found this photo on and was inspired. Why do we tend to still try to "tame" our hair? I'm guilty as charged because for so long I was determined to maintain the curl that I got while my hair was wet. I even created my own product line through my experimentation with ingredients that helped define and enhance my curl. Although I love my curly hair and love when my curls pop, I am really feeling the natural, straight out the shower, afropicked, natural glory that reigns high on my head.

Rocking your 'fro shouldn't have to be a bold statement as many may suggest. Your 'fro is a natural and unique part of you and you should be able to rock it cold turkey if you want to like these bad a$$ chicks above!

Just thought I'd share in case you needed some motivation.


Black girl going green!!! A Georgia Peche. said...

I agree with you, it's hard to break old habits, though because our hair in it's natural state is really too delicate to be coming or brushing, so we take to combing it when wet, and the problem I had with wearing my hair out is the fact that when I slept I would awaken to a smashed fro. It just puts you at a crossroads because to keep your fro from being smashed when you wake up, it's good to braid it everynight, but then when you take down the braids, then you end up with curls, and it is difficult to just sleep with a fro because you wake up with tangles, then you have to wet it because it's not good to just go picking it out dry with a pic. Although I made it sound complicated I agree that it would be good idea to rock a natural au naturale, it would help change our perception of beauty and it's really not hard to do once you find the balance that works good for you.

Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Girl, I could not agree more! Its so true that you need to find out how to maintain your fro' but that's with any hairstyle. You made a key point that rocking the 'fro would help change our perception of beauty. That's the message I'm trying to convey the most, that your 'fro is just as beautiful as your natural curls!
Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

It's funny b/c I used to rock my natural bold and wild all the time. Well, that stopped b/c I had to "behave" for the corporate world. However, I'm still able to achieve my bold fro w/o much manipulation by librally spraying water on my hair and then following up with a mixture of castor oil, evoo, and glycerin. After I do that I pretty much go out the door and this allows my hair to be hydrated but still curly and big when it dries. Works for me. My hair texture is similar to the E.Badu pic....crazy, but I love it! I used to think that people would look at me crazy and tell me to relax my hair, press it, etc. but I've grown into loving it and seeing myself as beautiful.

Tamikia T said...

I do it all the time. More afros! I wanna see more!

Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Tamika, are those your photos? They are great! More fros to come.