Monday, October 12, 2009

GOOD HAIR: The After-thought

I went to see the Good Hair movie and the disappointment that I expected was confirmed. The movie seemed to focus more on weaves and perms; natural hair was barely discussed at all. With a title like "Good Hair" one would assume (or at least I did) that the filmmaker would actually discuss the real issue of "Good Hair/Bad Hair," but Chris Rock failed.

Although, much of the film was entertaining, there were also many parts that made me cringe. He took a controversial topic of Good Hair and made a mockery of the term. Chris Rock is a comedian, so I expected him to be funny, but I also expected him to get to the root of the issue; sadly he did not. I will spare you the details, for those planning to see the movie.

He did shed light on the negative effects of a perm on our hair and stressed that little girls should not use these chemicals, especially. He also took us "behind-the-scenes" in the weave industry by going to India where we get a large amount of the hair supply for weaves. Women in India cut their hair as part of a religious sacrifice once a year and that hair is then "given to God" in a temple. What they don't know is that the same hair they "give up to God" is being sold to American women at a Beauty Supply store near you! None of the proceeds go to the women who sacrificed their hair.

Just remember, if you are going to the movie with high hopes of a deep discussion about Good Hair vs Bad Hair, while destroying myths about our own natural hair, you will be sadly disappointed. However, if you are looking for a good laugh, then by all means, go see "Good Hair." Perhaps, he will make a Part 2 and really get to the root of Good Hair issue. We shall see....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chris Rock's Good Hair Movie: A Pre-Thought

As most of you know, Chris Rock was inspired to create the film "Good Hair" after his precious daughter asked "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" Being in love with my natural locks and addicted to promoting natural hair, I instantly became excited and intrigued all at once. I thought, "Finally, somebody is going to bring the "Good hair/bad hair issue to light!" I expected the audience to leave the theater feeling encouraged and reassured that the natural hair growing from our scalp is beautiful and in fact good hair regardless of texture, density and color and we don't need perms and weaves to have "Good Hair"; perms and weaves are just options. Furthermore, I hoped the film would covey the message that Good Hair is healthy hair. Watch the trailer:

I must say, my high is coming down. After listening to reviews from those who've watched the pre-screenings and after watching the above trailer, I get the sense that Chris Rock, fails to answer his daughter's question about good hair. I also got discouraged after seeing all the celebrities at his promo parties rocking only weaves and perms, including his wife. For the record, there is nothing wrong with weaves or perms. I am happy that women have so many options with their hair. However, the message that seems to remain is "natural hair is still not good enough."

With all that being said, I'm still going to go see it because I am curious! Do I expect the film to encourage women to Rock The Natural? NO (although I secretly hope it does)! I hope that it explores the fact that the natural hair that grows out of our heads is good hair and we can be just as beautiful when we "rock our natural."

I will definitely fill a theater seat at the movie launch on October 9 to give you my final thoughts. For more information on Chris Rock's "Good Hair" visit and see when the film launches in your area and go see it for yourself.

Tell me your pre-thoughts?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Delays Delays....

Hello all! I'm so sorry for the delays. Two things have caused me to take some time off from blogging...

1. My beloved cousin passed away by his own hand and I have been mourning his loss....I'm just starting to pull myself together again. His death was very sudden, tragic and completely unexpected.

2. On a more positive note, my product line, Donna Marie, is growing faster than I ever imagined and I'm thrilled! BUT....its also taking up much more of my time since I have accepted two new wholesale vendors and I am making all the products by hand! Posts will be coming soon. Keep checking back. In the meantime, check out the products at

Thanks for your support!

P.S. Tell me what you would like to see more of on this blog (e.g hairstyling options, product explanations, home recipes, salon reviews etc). I'd like address your concerns, inquiries etc. when I return...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'll be back in two weeks

I'm away on my Jamaica wedding/vacation. I will post again in two weeks and show you how to Rock Your Natural, island style.

Plus, stay tuned for pics of my natural hair style of choice for my wedding!

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Your hair is cute...but not for your wedding....

About two posts ago, I told you a story about my soon-to-be husband loving my natural hair and embracing the idea of me rocking a natural style for our upcoming wedding. While hubby loves my hair, I've gotten more than enough rude comments from my girlfriends.

This comment tops the list, "Don't wear your hair natural to your wedding, its cute for a nice day at the park, but not your wedding!"

HUH? Where did we as black women go wrong? Who told us that our hair wasn't "glamorous" enough to rock during important events? Why should I have to put a weave in my hair to be gorgeous at my wedding?

I noticed that all of my friends that made such negative comments rock weaves constantly. I have no idea how their natural hair looks! They literally hide behind those weaves and feel that they are an absolute must have to be gorgeous. As I said before, I don't condemn weaves, I used to rock them too and still might (I haven't had one in almost a year), but I certainly don't think I need one to be beautiful.

For those of you who are about to jump the broom or for those looking for some inspiration for hairstyles to rock during important, upscale events check out the Khamit Kinks Blog for tips.

How do your non-natural friends feel about your natural hair?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking the Big Chop to the Next Level


Britney Spears made headlines when she did it! Newcomer, Amber Rose made it fierce and singer Cassie followed suit. Kelis even had her own stylish variation that preceded this new trend. I'm talking about shaving it all off! Rocking a "baldini" is daring, but would you have the guts to do it? It certainly would minimize styling time and there would be no need to be a product junkie. A little bit of oil sheen and you're out the door!


Amber Rose

Would you do this Big Chop?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What does your man think about your hair?

So, the other day I had an epiphany! I was somewhat stressing about what I'm going to do with my hair for my upcoming wedding. Since its in Jamaica, I immediately started thinking of protective styles, such as a natural weave (i.e. weave using naturally curly/kinky texture). Since I big chopped again, my hair is not the length I desired it to be for my wedding and I wanted to enhance the length by adding a natural looking weave. While I was asking my soon-to-be-husband what I should do with my hair (in a somewhat frantic voice), he says "Wear it just like that". I said, "Like what?" He says, "The Twistout, it looks nice just like that. I don't want to see any weaves or any extensions, I want you to wear it just like that!" Relieved, but yet somewhat puzzled, I say "Well, what about when I go swimming, I don't wanna have to deal with my hair on the trip." He goes, "You make your own products, slap on some of that curly stuff you make and rock your naturally curly look or just twist your hair back up for the rest of the trip." (Yes he knows the meaning of a "twistout").

I absolutely love my natural hair, but always feel like it needs super protection when I am going somewhere that includes water activities, but water isn't cryptonite for natural hair! As a matter of fact, water is your natural hair's BFF! I had to realize that I don't need to enhance my hair for a glam look for my wedding, my hair at its current length and state is good enough. I knew this already, I guess I just needed a reminder.

What a relief to know that my man truly LOVES my natural hair!

What are your thoughts? What are your man's feelings about your natural hair?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rock a Twist out!

I am finally getting around to actually doing my hair and decided to do the old faithful...twistout! Now that my hair is growing back from my second big chop I can learn to appreciate it more.

I used: Donna Marie Lock and Twist Pudding (but of course...wink)

Here are my results:

I LOVE twistouts, because they are so versatile. This style works great in any setting including work, a dinner date, an upscale event, and you can easily pull it back to workout and fluff it back into shape when you're done. At night, I sleep with a bonnet on and spray my hair with my new MiraCurl Moisture Mist (launching July 1) in the mornings. The Mist keeps it shiny and moisturized, while pumping up bedhead, making it easy to get up and go.
Video tutorial to come....stay tuned!

Surprise! She's Natural!

Next up in "Surprise, She's Natural" is someone we've all gotten to know and love since she was a little girl playing Olivia on the Cosby Show. Yes folks, Raven Symone is a NATURAL!!! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous. Check it out:

Raven with the straight look

Raven Rocking her Natural
I vote for the natural look. She even rocked it on red carpet, something you RARELY see! Go Raven.
Thoughts? Anyone?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Different Textures on the same head!

Some of you may remember in a previous post where I stated that I big chopped again because I wanted to see whether or not I was suffering from heat damage due the front of my hair being almost straight. Well, it wasn't a huge big chop, but my hair was almost to the middle of my back prior to the cut and I cut it just below my ears, so you be the judge. My hair is all natural. Here is my hair after the second Big Chop:

My hair has grown quite a bit since the "second big chop" (pictured above) (my first one was in 2004) but the front of my hair is still very straight. There is a slight wave to it, but its pretty much straight. You can see it in the picture above. The front of my hair now stretches to my bottom lip and it is still STRAIGHT from the root and I have NOT straightened my hair since I big chopped almost 7 mos ago!

Also, I noticed, that my sister and my aunt also have the same issue. Many of us already have more than one texture on one head, so its no surprise that the front of my hair may be a different texture than the middle or the back, but STRAIGHT???? I didn't go natural to embrace my "straight" hair.

I can't stand it because it ruins my twist-outs and wet-n-gos, two of my fave hair styling options. I have to roll up the hair in the front to get it match the rest of my hair. People constantly ask me if I permed the front of my hair (what purpose does that serve?).

Perhaps, the years of perming my hair has caused it to be straight in the front, although, there is no evidence to support such a claim. Perhaps it is simply genetic since my sister and aunt both share the same identical "problem". My other sister and my mother both wear locs, so I cannot tell if their hair behaves the same.

What do you guys think? Do you have straight/loose wavy hair place sporadically throughout your kinky curly head? How does your multitude of textures affect your styling options?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tyra Banks talks GOOD HAIR!

This is a Tyra show that I cannot WAIT to see! Tyra Banks explores the topic of Good Hair in the African American community. Good Hair is usually the term used to describe hair that is not kinky or tightly coiled in texture and also described as hair that "you can get a comb through". Her guests include a mother who perms her 3-year old daughters hair.

I am very interested in this topic and more interested in what Tyra has to say about it since she wears weaves most of the time. Please note: I am certainly not opposed to weaves. Weaves are GREAT for protective styling, if done right, but some women wear weaves to conceal the hair they have underneath instead of using it as a protective style (we'll explore protective styles in a later post this week). I am sure Tyra uses weaves as a protective styling option as many celebs do because she is constantly getting her hair done and that can actually damage the natural hair. However, I cannot help but notice that you rarely if not EVER see her or any other weave rockin' celebs rocking their natural hair. Her commentary on this topic should be interesting, nonetheless.

Anyway, the show airs May 12, 2009. Check this link for more info!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oils and Butters, Oh My!

If you're like me, your hair LOVES oils and butters! I simply can't get enough. Oils and butters are essential to my daily hair styling regime, especially in the colder months. However, not oils and are created equal.

Get to know some of the most common (and not so common) oils and determine what the best oils are for your mane! Here are my absolute favorites:

Sweet Almond oil-My hair drools for this oil, its my absolute favorite and the the one I use the most in my products. Its one of the most commonly used oils in the skin and beauty industry especially in body care, but also imparts an incredible shine and conditioning feel to the hair without being greasy or heavy. Add it to any hair care product and be amazed at the instant softness it provides your hair.

Castor oil-derived from castor bean, this oil works wonders on extra dry hair especially when added to conditioners. On the hair, castor oil will coat the hair shaft and smooth the cuticle layer, which helps protect the hair while sealing in moisture.

Jojoba oil- has often been crowned the "golden child of hair care." Jojoba oil definitely lives up to its name as it is one of lightest, non greasy oils that I have used and works great at combating itchy scalp, dandruff and brittle, while imparting a wonderful shine to the hair, without feeling heavy. This oil most closely resembles the natural oil that your skin produces, sebum, making it ideal for the hair and scalp. Although it can be more expensive than other oils, a little goes a very long way and the benefits are worth it.

Brocolli Seed oil-Not the most commonly used, but completely underrated! Brocolli seed oil is another light, non-greasy oil that seals the hair and makes it shiny. Many companies, including my company Donna Marie, are incorporating Brocolli Seed oil in their serums in place of silicones to improve the conditon of the hair while providing a shine that lasts all day.

Hempseed oil-Organic, unrefined, unsterilized, and unfumigated hemp seeds are rich source of essential fatty acids (EFAs). Essential Fatty Acids help maintain strong, healthy hair. This oils is excellent for use internally and externally due to its inherent richness in essential fatty acids and it has been shown to help stimulate hair growth.


Shea Butter-This very popular, thick, rich butter, derived from Shea Nut originating in Ghana is an excellent emollient for the hair and skin. It easily absorbs into the hair shaft, especially when heated and can be used alone as a great hair conditioners. Shea Butter can be easily mixed with Aloe Vera for excellent hair conditioning and replenshing the hair shaft as it is loaded with vitamins A and E.

Cocoa Butter-my favorite emollient! Of course Cocoa Butter is also excellent for the skin, but I love this even more for the hair. Its very concentrated (and smells delicious) and serves as a marvelous protectant for the hair shaft. Unlike the ever-so-popular Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter penetrates the hair much easier, especially when heated.

Mango Butter-obtained from the fruit seed of the Mango tree, this butter is just fabulous. Mango Butter instantly melts into the hair and absorbs into the hair shaft quickly, without leaving a greasy residue or film on the hair. This butter is perfect for doing twistouts as it leaves the hair soft effortlessly, although it can be greasy feeling on the hands initially, but not in the hair!

Kokum Butter-although this butter feels very hard and firm at room temperature, it melts readily and easily mixes with other butters. I love kokum butter for its molding and moisturizing properties when mixed with other butters. Kokum is not greasy and very similar to Cocoa butter in texture without the strong nutty smell.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surprise! She's Natural!

Next up in my "Surprise She's Natural" segment is OPRAH WINFREY! If you watch her show you already know she's natural because she made this public to all of her viewers. However, some people made the mistake in saying the Oprah stated that she " has never worn a weave". Oprah said in response to questions on Twitter that day about how nice her weave looks on the show, "No, I am not wearing a weave". In fact, she talked about her weave on a previous show. She just wanted her viewers to know that currently the hair that she is sporting is 100% hers.

Either way, her Lady O's natural dome is Fab!

*SIDE BAR: I don't know if her hair is chemically processed in any way, but it appears to be natural hair blown out to me*

Here is a clip from her show where she talks about Rocking her Natural!

Hair Forums!

If you are a transitioner or just obsessed with hair like me, hair forums can be a GREAT source of information. You can learn about products, ingredients and styles that are excellent for all hair types.

Although some sites can be "Gossip Havens", there are a few jewels in the rough that I like to browse often for accurate information about hair and a peaceful friendly atmosphere.

-a new addition to the afrobella site. It just launched about a week ago and already has my attention. Very inviting.

Naturally Curly- Another excellent source for information about all things curly.

Long Hair Care Forum-If you want information about growing your hair long, no matter your hait type, this is the place to be!

Black Hair Media-Great source of information about all things hair, especially extensions!

Can you think of any others?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Going Natural=Better Health?

Fox News Chicago presented an interesting segment on black women and exercise. The notion that black women are less inclined to workout when their hair is relaxed vs natural was explored in this segment, and for many this notion was a reality. Some women stated they work out more now that they have the made the transition from relaxed to natural hair. The reporter, Robin Robinson, rocked her relaxed hair in a natural style for the day, apologetically, to see if wearing your hair in a natural style would create less maintenance on the hair, therefore enhancing the overall workout experience.

Has going natural enhanced your workout experience? Do you frequent the gym more now that you are natural? Personally, I think it was just as easy going to the gym with relaxed hair because all I had to do was blow dry my hair, wrap it and slightly bump it with a curler the next day. The video asserts that women with relaxed hair do not want to entertain the idea of visiting the gym for fear of sweating out the perm or their hair reverting to "kinks" but with a relaxer, your hair does not revert back to kinks. I do understand not wanting to sweat out your style especially for those who do not know how to style their hair themselves.

Tell me what you think...

Check out this segment here---> Great Hair Style or exercise

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surprise! She's Natural!

If you have cable and you watch VH1, then you probably know Tiffany Pollard, aka Miss New York who brought the drama to Flavor of Love and launched her own show I Love New York. You may remember her potty mouth and bold attitude, but there's one accessory that is unforgettable-HER WEAVE! She appears to love those full head weaves that don't even leave you questioning its authenticity!

However, underneath all of that weave, you would never guess that she has a full head of healthy, natural hair! Now if only she would just rock her natural and leave the weaves alone....

Miss New York with a weave

Miss New York Rocking her Natural!

Tiffany Pollard, your natural hair is FAB!! Rock it!

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Natural Hair Doesn't Look Good on Everybody


Huh? Really? If you are confused by the title, please join the club! How on earth can the hair God gave you, "not look good"? After hearing countless people tell me "You look nice with natural hair, but not me." or "Natural hair only looks right on certain people." or "You have a better grade of hair and that's why you can wear your hair in natural styles.", I just want to SCREAM!!! Come on people! The hair God blessed you with is GOOD ENOUGH! "Good hair" is healthy hair and has NOTHING to do with the texture or size of your curls. Whether you are a 2a or a 6Z, you hair can thrive with the right style and proper care. We really need to learn self-acceptance and realize that beauty comes in a variety and is not represented by one look or appeal.

More importantly, we need to learn how to do our own hair! If naturals knew how to take care of their hair and how to achieve a nice style, many of those comments would cease! I am motivated to teach women how to do it themselves. This is my project for the summer especially now that I have a new, Youtube compatible video cam, so look out!

In the meantime, if you are having trouble styling your hair? Check out the GAZILLION other Youtube videos and blogs that show actual tutorials on countless natural hair styles and product usage for natural hair.

Okay, rant over!

I'm back! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't Keep up

I have not posted for a while for a good reason....I'm swamped. I think this will be my last post for a while. I plan to relaunch the blog in the summer.

Please come check back in the very near future for tutorials, product how-tos, natural beauties of the week and more.

Thanks for reading!