Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hair Forums!

If you are a transitioner or just obsessed with hair like me, hair forums can be a GREAT source of information. You can learn about products, ingredients and styles that are excellent for all hair types.

Although some sites can be "Gossip Havens", there are a few jewels in the rough that I like to browse often for accurate information about hair and a peaceful friendly atmosphere.

-a new addition to the afrobella site. It just launched about a week ago and already has my attention. Very inviting.

Naturally Curly- Another excellent source for information about all things curly.

Long Hair Care Forum-If you want information about growing your hair long, no matter your hait type, this is the place to be!

Black Hair Media-Great source of information about all things hair, especially extensions!

Can you think of any others?


Laquita said...

Along with all the ones you listed my top five would be:

My favorite is Nappturality http://www.nappturality.com/

Next is Motown Girl not really a forum but full of info. http://motowngirl.com/

Next is the new forum My Hair Natural Hair Care Guide

For product recipes:

and Nappy Kitchen

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

There's so much out there and I'm always interested in reading more and more!!!

Anonymous said...

Somma dem heffas @ LHCF are far from peaceful! LOL!

Hwvr, If you stick to the hair forum you should be alright.

Anonymous said...


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Hair Care Forum said...

Yes! Here's another one more.


Anonymous said...

a nice page with lots of information is also www.nappycurls.com

Anonymous said...

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