Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surprise! She's Natural!

Next up in my "Surprise She's Natural" segment is OPRAH WINFREY! If you watch her show you already know she's natural because she made this public to all of her viewers. However, some people made the mistake in saying the Oprah stated that she " has never worn a weave". Oprah said in response to questions on Twitter that day about how nice her weave looks on the show, "No, I am not wearing a weave". In fact, she talked about her weave on a previous show. She just wanted her viewers to know that currently the hair that she is sporting is 100% hers.

Either way, her Lady O's natural dome is Fab!

*SIDE BAR: I don't know if her hair is chemically processed in any way, but it appears to be natural hair blown out to me*

Here is a clip from her show where she talks about Rocking her Natural!


Moni said...

Hmm, I'm not sure if she's natural or not. She was raving about the phyto relaxer a few years back and that's a whole lot of hair to grow in a few years, especially if you're damaging it by straightening every day. I'm not saying it's impossible, but she might just have the kind of hair that's still thick and full with a relaxer or she might not use a full strength relaxer to reduce the damage.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

I remember her when she first came to baltimore, probably around late 1970's. She had an afro then and a big one.

perfect_locks said...

Oprah looks good, but I'm not opposed to hair extensions either! They make it easy for me cuz I don't have all that time to grow out my hair like that!

do.not.sell.me said...

When she was in Baltimore with WJZ-TV, she spoke at my High School's Senior Day and there's a pic in my yearbook. Her afro was nice and her texture seems to be a 4b. Back then (yeah, I'm old) who knew she would go to Chicago and then hit it big?