Friday, September 5, 2008


I love locs! If I just had a little more patience and less "hair commitment" issues, I would have locs just like these! Maybe one day...but I digress...

Locks are a wonderful way to ROCK the NATURAL because there is so much you can do with your locs. You can CURL THEM, BUN it up, CUT THEM in layers, add some COLOR, and so much more. As a loctician, I am dying to share some great tips as well as the dos and dont's of locs.

Here are my tips on making your locs simply FABULOUS!

1. Start your locs with single strand twists (coils)- Why? Because your natural hair grows in a spiral pattern just like the shape of single strand twists/coils and your locks will take form much faster this way. Yes I know you can start them other ways, but to me this is the fastest!

2. Maintain your locs and get them tightened every 2-3 weeks. Very important part of keeping your locs fresh and well groomed. Make a visit to your local Natural Hair Salon or do them yourself.

3. Use natural products that provide hold and shine without the crunch. Using natural creams and butters as opposed to hard gels maintain the health of your locs and add softness. Try my
Lock and Twist Pudding to get butter soft locs with a gentle hold!

4. Trim your ends! Just like unlocked hair, you should get your ends trimmed, though not as often. In this case, trimming loose ends and straggling hair is part of routine maintenance that should be done to keep your locks kempt.
5. Keep your locs moisturized. Use a good moisturizer or use a natural oil. Check out Donna Marie's Goddess Growth Remedy daily oil to keep your locks looking fresh.
6. Love your locs and let them grow! Enough said.
Stay tuned for more locked styling options! Happy Friday!

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