Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HONEY: A must have for curly hair!

Honey is more than just a fabulous, natural sweetener. Honey has been the secret key ingredient in beauty and hair since ancient times (e.g. African queen Cleopatra's famous "milk and honey" bath recipe). Today, the uses for honey are very popular in many natural hair care products for various exciting reasons. Honey can benefit naturally curly, kinky and wavy hair because it contains so many fabulous properties including:

-natural humectant properties: helps attract and retain moisture (remember curlies need moisture the most) and also conditions the hair leaving it soft and shiny

-anti-irritant properties: great for sensitive scalp and skin and safe for babies

-contains no additives or preservatives: has a long shelf life

-smells delicious

You can add honey to your conditioners, gels, detanglers, shampoos and other water based products for added moisture and shine to your hair.

So you wanna get some honey and add it your fave hair products? Start expirimenting today. Check out this site www.fromnaturewithlove.com for ingredients for your natural hair needs if you feel like channeling the inner mixtress in you!

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Anonymous said...

Love it ! What was I thinking before ? In this dry, cold Belgian weather, I discover that using honey help my hair stay moisturized and SHINY !!