Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you ready for the Big Chop?

Calling all transitioners! There's comes a point in time where your natural hair and your permed ends will battle. Your hair will start to tangle and knot, and sadly your hair also is at risk for major breakage, marking a pinnacle moment in your transitioning period. What should you do? CUT IT OFF! Yeah, I said it. When two completely different hair textures (i.e. straight vs curly) are battling on one head, this is a sign that the you need chop those permed straight ends off and let the natural hair flow. This process is better known as the Big Chop.

Some of us haven't a clue about how to cut your natural hair properly. No need to do the big chop yourself. I have compiled a list of the top natural hair salons in major cities across the nation to help you find your natural hair haven. I hear these places are simply fantastic in they specialize in naturally curly kinky and wavy hair. Check them out!

New York City


Miss Jessies Salon

Washington DC

Honey Styling Salon

Cornrows and Co.

North Carolina




Too Groovy Salon and Spa


Uncle Funky's Daughter


Honey Child Salon and Spa

Los Angeles

Oh! My Nappy Hair Salon


Bamboo Hair Studio

Feel free to make suggestions as I would love to add more cities and more salons to the list!


DblDee said...

Hey...No fair, what happened to Florida???
You are right on time with this article. I just did my BC and I got tired of struggling with the two textures. I transitioned for just shy of a year and now I love my hair in it's natural form. I never realized how thick my hair was. I did my own BC but I do need to find a good stylist to shape it for me. So again I say: No fair, what happened to Florida???

Laquita said...

Yep this is a great entry :o) I am currently writing a hair story starting from the big chop phase - so it's timely for me too.

P.S. - You've been tagged - see my site for the rules!

Laquita said...

Great entry :o) - I am currently writing a story starting from the big chop phase - so this is timely for me too.

P.S. You've been tagged - see my blog for the rules!

Laquita said...

Sorry about the double-post. Leave it to me to post twice - I think I have word-verification-dyslexia or maybe it's because I was at work suppose to be working :o)

Keisha K said...

Here are two other great hair salons in Atlanta that have mastered the art of maintaining, styling, and teaching others about dealing with natural hair. Whether you are naturally straight or naturally curly, wavy, or kinky. Stylists here can assist you. Call for a consultation. Check them out!


Too Groovy Salon and Spa

Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Thanks Kiesha, I'll add those too the list. Feel free to add more.

Anonymous said...

You can add Charlotte. Lockstar is a great place to go.

KurlyQue said...

I got to school over an hour away from Chicago(where I call home) and 45 min from Indianapolis, In. I would really like to find a place closet to me (although secretly I only trust ppl from home). Any suggestions?

Hair by Nedjetti Salon said...

come to HAIR BY NEDJETTI natural salon, Bloomfield, NJ and NYC, at Hair by Nedjetti, everyone is treated like a celebrity... 973.748.0181...see you soon...

Learning Love..... said...

I just chopped my hair off as of yesterday! I did it myself, and my 13 year old daughter cut the back for me. It turned out pretty good....I am sure that I have alot to learn about natural hair care, but so far so good!

KANDICE said...


shaontrea said...

Any shop reccommendations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana??