Monday, October 6, 2008

Accessory Spotlight: Headbands

It was spring and summer's hottest hair accessory, but we don't have to let the love stop there. Headbands and hairties are stylish accessories that can do everything from keeping your head warm to hiding hair "imperfections"! When you have a limited amount of time in your schedule, headbands can be a lifesaver (they are indeed mine). Some of my BEST hair days have been accomplished from trusty head bands. BUT...


DON'T Wear them daily. Why? Because headbands will pull your hair tight and can cause breakage over time.

DON'T Tie them too tight- well, for the same reason as rule #1.

DO spice them up- That is, get some in various colors and/or designs like the specialty headbands/hair ties by Tomoka's Twists (pictured above). I've heard good reviews and they look great.

DO wear ouchless headbands such as these ouchless headbands made by Goody. They contain no metal clasps and are great for creating styles without pulling and snugging the hair.


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Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Thanks for the add! I like your site as well!

CarmenNC said...

Thank you so much for your review. I sincerely appreciate your support. Rock on! Carmen