Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natural Brides to Be: More Glam Styles to choose

Okay, I have only 7 more months until my wedding. Planning is getting tight! I barely have anything accomplished other than my dress and honeymoon plans. Helloooo, I haven't even paid for the actual wedding yet, but got the honeymoon down? Anyway, one thing that is still bugging me is MY HAIR!!! What am I gon' do? I have had so many ideas. I want to cut it all off and go Eva Pigford short because I have fallen in love with birdcage veils and they look excellent on short hair! However, my hair is so long now. It took me four years to grow it down to the middle of my back. I would hate to cut it all off and start over. Oh the I cut it and rock the Eva Pigford short, curly funky look, or do I keep it long and rock a nice twist-out with a curl updo (pictured above) and a flower in my hair (the two styles I've been going back and forth with)?

Eva Pigford short hair look

On my never ending quest to find a new look, I stumble across some very nice styles that I am definitely considering and I just HAVE to share this with my fellow naturally curly/kinky brides to be. Please, please, please if you have any more pics you would like to add, don't hesitate to send them to me, I'd love to post what I can. Trust me, there will me many more posts like this!

Flexi-rod set
We've covered this style a million times. Pictorial will come soon!

Denise Vasi-model- slick back with pin curl/twist combo
I haven't totally figured this one out yet, but can we pause for a moment and celebrate because THIS MIGHT BE THE WINNER!!! That would be fantastic because I don't have to cut my lovely hair. Chick is fabulous and this hairstyle is too. I think Denise is going to be my feature natural beauty of the week....:-)

Locked Diva Bride
For all my locked divas this one is for you! My mother wears locs and I am definitely doing her hair like this for the wedding!

Twisted Ringlets
This can be achieved with a twist-out and curl or a flat-twist-out. This is yet another candidate for the wedding! Stronly considering this style. Tutorials will soon come!


Reiko! said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!! I am literally online looking for styles too!! I am so perplexed...I want to keep my natural for the wedding but I live in Houston and the humidity here shrinks my hair.

Here is a site you can look for just for inspiration. Your dilemma is you want to go short and my dilemma is just the opposite...I want the height and volume that I normally don't have.


Go to this link...just some inspiration...

Reiko! said...

By the way..I am so leaning toward the birdcage veil too...they are so retro and chic!

I don't know if you have one yet but go to and put in birdcage veil...there are so many options!!

Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Yeay! I love it. Girl, trust me I will be adding more pics as I find them because the hunt is on! I seriously think that one picture that I said is the one, is definitely the one. Of course I need to do a trial to make sure it works. We'll see. If it works, I'll post a pic to show! Thanks for reading the blog!

Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

ooh Etsy, I gotta check it out. I need to put my products on there too!

Olivia said...

Don't cut your hair for the wedding there is a style out there for you to rock your hair in all its elegance! Also I'm curious as to where I can purchase a copy of Brides Noir magazine, I live in Jersey and I'm willing to travel across the river to get a copy. I checked the magazine's website and click into the 'newstands location' link and it takes me to a blank screen. I'd love to get a copy of this magazine, I checked Barnes&Noble and Borders and there is nothing, its frustrating. Please let me know where I should look and thank you, because a magazine like this needs to be available everywhere.


Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

I only wish I knew the answer to your question Olivia! Do they have a phone number on the site? Maybe we can call them. I'd like this magazine as well. The ones that are currently out here don't really cater to women of color.

Anonymous said...