Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chris Rock's Good Hair Movie: A Pre-Thought

As most of you know, Chris Rock was inspired to create the film "Good Hair" after his precious daughter asked "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" Being in love with my natural locks and addicted to promoting natural hair, I instantly became excited and intrigued all at once. I thought, "Finally, somebody is going to bring the "Good hair/bad hair issue to light!" I expected the audience to leave the theater feeling encouraged and reassured that the natural hair growing from our scalp is beautiful and in fact good hair regardless of texture, density and color and we don't need perms and weaves to have "Good Hair"; perms and weaves are just options. Furthermore, I hoped the film would covey the message that Good Hair is healthy hair. Watch the trailer:

I must say, my high is coming down. After listening to reviews from those who've watched the pre-screenings and after watching the above trailer, I get the sense that Chris Rock, fails to answer his daughter's question about good hair. I also got discouraged after seeing all the celebrities at his promo parties rocking only weaves and perms, including his wife. For the record, there is nothing wrong with weaves or perms. I am happy that women have so many options with their hair. However, the message that seems to remain is "natural hair is still not good enough."

With all that being said, I'm still going to go see it because I am curious! Do I expect the film to encourage women to Rock The Natural? NO (although I secretly hope it does)! I hope that it explores the fact that the natural hair that grows out of our heads is good hair and we can be just as beautiful when we "rock our natural."

I will definitely fill a theater seat at the movie launch on October 9 to give you my final thoughts. For more information on Chris Rock's "Good Hair" visit and see when the film launches in your area and go see it for yourself.

Tell me your pre-thoughts?


Whit said...

Maybe I'm just being too hard.

I am curious about the movie and I do want to see it, but I probably won't go see it right away. I have a feeling that it will fall short of my expectations and I'm not willing to pay $10 dollars to prove myself right or wrong right now. I wish the movie would push women to go natural or at least realize the option and know that its beautiful and we don't need "European-esque" hair styles to be attractive.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that the movie will be biased. There does not seem to be that much information from natural women.

Rebe90746 said...

I just saw it. The majority of the women he interviewed had some combo of chemical straightening and weave. There was one woman who wore her hair natural- she seemed to have looser curled hair than the average black woman. No word from anyone with a short kinky fro, locs or braids. Those unfamiliar with black hair might find it eye opening. However it's nothing most black folks haven't heard before. The segment he shot in India on the origins of weave hair was very interesting, but it didn't quite make the film worth full price tickets. I'd say go to a matinee tomorrow if you want to give that vital first weekend support. Otherwise I'd recommend renting it later.

Lori said...

Yeah, I'm on the fence about seeing the movie at the theatre. I'm trying to cut Rock some slack, because comedy is his thing. I guess I was just hoping for a movie that went beyond ridiculing Black women for our hair choices/issues.

When I saw him on Oprah, the only thing he said that really impressed me was that kiddie relaxers ought to banned. To be honest, a few of the things he said, made me cringe and only seemed to re-inforce or give a nod to our community's preference for "good hair."

From what I've seen and heard about the movie, Rock doesn't go too deep into the whole concept of "good hair."

So, I'll probably wait until the flick comes out on dvd. I'm glad he has folks talking about the issue, but I think he could have shown a bit more love toward the "natural women" in our community.

Anonymous said...

i was totally disappointed with the was a mockery of us sisters with natural hair

Atul said...

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