Thursday, July 17, 2008


Best seller, Coco Curly Butter is my all in one, 98% natural, curl styling and enhancing cream. It literally molds and shapes your curls while removing knots and tangles. Your hair does not become stiff or hard as this product is packed full of moisturizing agents such as sweet almond oil, honey and aloe vera gel. It's great for the summer heat as it has enough moisture to beat the humidity, leaving your hair frizz free.

I developed it after frustration with commercial brands that promise better curls, while lacking better quality ingredients, ugh! Who wants to use products with ingredients they can't even prnounce? The more natural brands were too expensive, so I found a cheaper alternative. I MADE MY OWN! I started playing with and mixing all the ingredients that my hair loves, I consulted with chemists on mixing and preserving the product, I got the products tested at a lab for preservative efficacy and VOILA, CoCo Curly Butter was born!

This product is excellent for all curly hair types as well as texturized hair and works wonders on twists and braids!

Here's how to apply the products:

Blow Dry with A Diffuser

Note: These are my personal pictures of a model that I used for my product line. Please do not copy these images.


MsMimi said...

Hey--what happened to the rest of this post? I'd really like to know how to apply the products!

Anonymous said...

Msmimi I thought the same think lol! Would love to see the rest of this post.

Ayanna~The Product Mixtress said...

Oh my... I didn't realize that it got cut off ladies, will post over the weekend. Check it out on Monday! Thanks for reading!

Coco Pop said...

It would be nice to see the product on a 4a/4b hair type to quell any skepticism on whether it could work on more wiry hair textures.